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Whatever It Takes

A Degrassi Stamping Community

Whatever It Takes: The Degrassi Stamping Community
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This is a stamping community dedicated to the CTV hit teen show, 'Degrassi: The Next Generation'. We're a community by Degrassi fans for Degrassi fans; here we draw upon our obsessive love of the show and a fun-filled personality survey to stamp eachother as different characters! But the question must be burning in your mind: which Degrassi; TNG character am I most like? Well, we're here to help you find out. Welcome to the community!

{01 | It should be rather obvious, but please be polite and keep things on the level. If any arguments break out or fellow members are disrespected, we'll be right here to provide disciplinary action.
{02 | Feel free to advertise other stamping or 'Degrassi' related communities. Links back to this community are always appreciated in return.
{03 | You will receive your "yearbook photo" (or rather, stamping will occur) at Mod's discretion. The most annoying thing about some stamping communities is waiting three weeks to get stamped. We can't place en exact number of votes or an exact date on things, but currently the scheme that seems nice is as follows: 6 votes for a single character before we stamp. If the votes are all over the place, then a stamp will also be rewarded of whichever character has the most stamps after 15 individual votes. Then, when your alter-ego has been sufficiently decided, you'll be rewarded with a lovely stamp to display proudly. The Mod will comment to the post and present you with your prize!
{04 | Secondarily, we are a fan community. Feel free to use this community to post graphics, news, videos, whatever - as long as it's 'Degrassi'-inspired.
{05 | Did I mention that flames are not allowed on school grounds and will result in immediate suspension? Have I made myself clear?
{06 | Perhaps most importantly, whatever it takes I know WE can make it through! Just because you're one of us doesn't mean you leave us behind. Keep voting, and keep joining in on any discussions!

{01 | LJ-cut all pictures; try to LJ-cut all surveys (they can get rather bulky)
{02 | Bold the question part of the survey to make for easier reading.
{03 | The subject line of your application must include the line "So when in doubt... kiss Craig?!" ...just to make sure you've read the rules and everything. We'd hate to find that you haven't read the rules, now wouldn't we?
{04 | TAKE YOUR TIME! The longer and more in-depth the answers are, the easier it will be for us to stamp you. The more rambling and long-winded the answer, the more exact the stamp will be. ;)
{05 | You are allowed one re-up, or re-application. Please wait at least a week after you're stamped to post a new survey. You may not have a re-up unless you are active in rating. In otherwords, don't be a useless student.
{06 | A picture is not REQUIRED to apply. We'd like it, of course, since photos can show a lot about a personality, but guidelines will now offer you the option to simply describe your "look".
{07 | We will not stamp anyone who doesn't follow the rules.

{01 | Bold your votes. Otherwise they may not be counted.
{02 | Vote for one character only. If you want to mention more than one character, that's great - it lets us know you were really thinking about it - but only bold one.
{03 | You don't have to be stamped to rate (but you should be stamped before posting other, non-application-related, material).
{04 | Please rate other people. Each week resident Hall Moniter (Mod) will provide recon on which applications still need votes, and hopefully that won't need to happen that often. So please rate other applicants.
{05 | Only students from "The Next Generation" will be acceptable votes (non-student characters such as Snake and Joey are acceptable as well, obviously). For the most part, this makes it easier to create stamps. Secondly, most members will not have seen the "Junior High" or "High" series from back in the 80's. If you are voting to stamp a person as a character from the 80's shows who appears in TNG (Like, again, Snake or Joey) be sure to base the stamp on the way their character is portrayed in TNG. This is all in the spirit of fun and love for the show, so by all means, have fun.
{06 | Try to rate someone as a character they're familiar with, unless you think there's someone that they're an absolutely perfect match for. Remember, there are a LOT to choose from, so it's probably best to go with gut instinct based on applications. But if someone is a perfect match, explain why! Votes are always more fun to receive when someone's actually told you WHY you're like that person.
{07 | Familiarize yourself with all of the character you can vote for! There are close to 30 different stamps to be had, so be specific! Try not to vote everyone as Manny or Craig unless it really fits. There are bound to be just as many Dylans and Ricks out there! :D
{08 | Please don't vote on surveys that don't follow all the rules. A Mod will be swift to point this out.

For a list of members who currently need stamps,


3 Favorite Books:
3 Favorite Movies:
3 Favorite Musicians/Bands:
3 Heroes:
Describe yourself in 3 Words:

Introvert or Extrovert?:
Hard Worker or Layabout (or somewhere in between)?:
Are you the leader type?:
Are you adept at raising others' spirits?:
Do you consider yourself popular?:
People who first meet you probably think you are:
How do you handle high-pressure situations?:
Are you self-motivated, or do you rely on the encouragement of others?:
Do you work through unpleasant situations for your own satisfaction, or to prove yourself to others?:


Favorite Degrassi character? Why?:
Favorite Episode/Part/Scene? Why?
Which character do you most relate to, personally? Why?:
Do you have a favorite Degrassi quote? Please share:
I you could do one thing over spring break with your Degrassi pals, what would it be? Dream big!:
When you graduate, the first thing you're going to do is:

Please Post at Least One Clear Picture of Yourself, or Give us a Description of How You Look:


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{ | mrbnatural - Class President [Mod]
{ | ponyboy - Spirit Squad [Mod]

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(made by mrbnatural, a sampling of which characters you MIGHT be voted as...)

{ | Alex Nuñez
{ | Archie "Snake" Simpson
{ | Ashley Kerwin
{ | Caitlin Ryan
{ | Christine "Spike" Nelson
{ | Craig Manning
{ | Danny Van Zandt
{ | Darcy Edwards
{ | Dylan Michalchuk
{ | Ellie Nash
{ | Emma Nelson
{ | Gavin "Spinner" Mason
{ | Hazel Aden
{ | Jay Hogart
{ | Joey Jeremiah
{ | Jimmy Brooks
{ | J.T. Yorke
{ | Liberty Van Zandt
{ | Manny Santos
{ | Marco Del Rossi
{ | Paige Michalchuk
{ | Peter Stone
{ | Rick Murray
{ | Sean Cameron
{ | Tim
{ | Terri McGreggor
{ | Toby Isaacs

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