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So when in doubt....kiss Craig!?

Name: Ann
Nickname(s)?: Annabelle or Annie, mostly.
Age: 15, 16 this Saturday.
Occupation: Student.
Strengths: I lie well, can stand on my hands and I get high scores on standardized tests.
Weaknesses: I can be swayed by bribery.

3 Favorite Books: The Basic Eight, Middlesex, A Tree Grows in Brooklyn.
3 Favorite Movies: Bibi Blocksberg and the Secret of the Blue Owls, Amélie, Anastasia.
3 Favorite Musicians/Bands: The Magnetic Fields, Imogen Heap, Le Tigre
3 Heroes: Veronica Mars, Francis Bacon, um. MY MOM SHE HAS TO PUT UP WITH ME, HAHAHA.
Describe yourself in 3 Words: pretty damn awesome.

Introvert or Extrovert?: Introvert.
Hard Worker or Layabout (or somewhere in between)?: Depends on if I like what I'm working on. I'm kind of ambitious in that I know what I want and will do what it takes to get it, but only if it's easy.
Are you the leader type?: Probably more bossy than leader.
Are you adept at raising others' spirits?: I suppose, but only because I buy things for people and make cards.
Do you consider yourself popular?: No.
People who first meet you probably think you are: Angry. I don't know why, but supposedly I'm constantly scowling.
How do you handle high-pressure situations?: I don't. I tend to fly off the handle.
Are you self-motivated, or do you rely on the encouragement of others?: Self-motivated, I guess, but I like having back-up.
Do you work through unpleasant situations for your own satisfaction, or to prove yourself to others?: For myself. I don't understand how someone would otherwise be uncomfortable because there's no one to prove their strength to.


Favorite Degrassi character? Why?: Alex, as katetherobot has mentioned, is pretty awesome now, because she's still a badass or whatever except with decent clothes. Ellie still holds a special place in my heart though, I guess because she doesn't get involved with a lot of drama.
Favorite Episode/Part/Scene? Why? I like any scene where Emma's getting yelled at or something, mostly because Emma is really irritating and needs to keep her mouth shut most of the time.
Which character do you most relate to, personally? Why?: Liberty and I are both squares.
Do you have a favorite Degrassi quote? Please share:
Marco: Just because you're a guy, doesn't mean I'm automatically attracted to you. Are you attracted to every girl?
Spinner: If they're hot.
Marco: Well... you're not.
Spinner: See that's where you're off-base. I mean, let's agree to disagree.
I guess it's kind of funny, and Spinner making an idiot of himself is fun. I think I sound like I hate everyone on this show.
I you could do one thing over spring break with your Degrassi pals, what would it be? Dream big!: Pull a huge prank on the cast of South of Nowhere.
When you graduate, the first thing you're going to do is: Go home and take a nap.

Please Post at Least One Clear Picture of Yourself, or Give us a Description of How You Look:

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I'm seeing Paige.
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